Send Collection

Enhance your E-commerce business with Send Collection Card. Showcase your orders using META and provide detailed product information. Set up your catalog in Gallabox for seamless integration.

Send Collection Card

This card is there for the E-commerce business. Using the Send Collection Card, the businesses can send the collection of orders showcasing on META.

Make sure the catalog is set-up in Gallabox before you use this card.

You can add a customizable title or headline providing a clear and concise summary of the collection you will be sending.


It is a space to provide detailed information about a collection of products, helping customers understand the products' features, benefits, or any other relevant information.

Use Variables

Use them to add already collected data from your customers to the messages.

Just click on "Add Variables" to open up a dropdown with all the available fields. Just a quick tip – make sure the variable you choose actually has some data in it, or it won't show up as intended!


Select the text you want to bold and click on the "B" below the text area to make it bold. The text will be enclosed within two asterisk (*).


Select the text you want to make italic and click on the "I" below the text area to make it italic. The text will be enclosed within underscore (_).


Select the text you want to strikethrough and click on the "s" below the text area to make strikethrough. The text will be enclosed within Tilde (~).


Select the catalogue from which the collections is to be listed. If you haven't connected your catalogue yet with Gallabox, click here.


Collections are groups of products that help customers easily find and buy the things they want in your shop.

Detailed read on how to create collection in your Commerce Manager. Your catalogue already has a default collection called All products containing all of the products in the catalogue.

A footer is a section at the bottom of a message containing data such as:

  • The sender's name and contact information.

  • The instruction to unsubscribe from getting messages.

  • A disclaimer or copyright notice.

  • A link to the sender's website or social media profiles.

Duplicate/Delete/Edit Send Collection Card

When hovering over the card, you'll see the option to duplicate the card, a pencil to edit the block, and a "x" to delete the card.

Here is how the collection looks when you send it across WhatsApp:

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