Conversation Widget

Conversation Widget can be seamlessly embedded into your internal CRM or portal by following the steps below:

Embedding the Conversation Widget in an iFrame

To embed the conversation widget, use the following URL format in an iFrame:{{ContactPhoneNumberwithCountryCode}}?name={{ContactName}}&channelId={{GallaboxChannelId}}


  • ContactPhoneNumberwithCountryCode: The WhatsApp user’s phone number with the country code, excluding the β€˜+’. Example: 919900000001.

  • ContactName: The WhatsApp user’s contact name.

  • GallaboxChannelId: The Channel ID is required if your account has multiple WhatsApp channels. It can be found in Gallabox under Settings > WhatsApp Channel > Channel Id.

Example URL:

Note: When loading the widget, the Gallabox account member must be logged in to their account.

Auto-login Widget with a Specific Member

  1. Get Token from Server API Call

    Use the following curl command to get the authentication token:

    curl --location '' \
    --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    --data-raw '{
      "email": "",
      "password": "your_password"
  2. Load iFrame with Auth URL with Token and Redirect URL

    Use the token obtained in the previous step to load the iFrame with the following URL format:{{AuthToken}}&redirectUrl={{ConversationWidgetUrl}}


    • AuthToken: The member’s authentication token obtained from the server API call.

    • ConversationWidgetUrl: The URL of the conversation widget in the format:{{ContactPhoneNumberwithCountryCode}}?name={{ContactName}}&channelId={{GallaboxChannelId}}

    If the customer has enabled 2FA or user logs-in with new IP, widget will display OTP screen. After successful verifcation user will the navigated to desired redirect url Example URL:

By following these instructions, you can successfully integrate the Gallabox Conversation Widget into your internal systems, ensuring seamless communication via WhatsApp through your portal or CRM.

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