Create your Campaign

Discover the simple steps to set up your first Click-to-WhatsApp ad campaign.

Now that you've got all your prerequisites in order, let's walk through the steps to set up your first Click-to-WhatsApp ad campaign via Gallabox. It's easier than you might think:

Go to Facebook Ads Manager

To kick things off, open your Facebook Ads Manager and click on “Create” under the campaign section.

Give your campaign a name

After hitting the create button, you'll find yourself on the campaign page. This is where you need to set the campaign's name. If your campaign falls into a specific category like credit, employment, or housing, make sure to select the appropriate category.

Adjust Campaign Details

Under the “Campaign details” section, set the buying type as Auction and the campaign objective as engagement. It's crucial to pick these settings; otherwise, you won't see the option to drive traffic via "Click to WhatsApp."

Set Budget and Bid Strategy

With the campaign's objective in place, it's time to determine the daily or lifetime budget. You can also select bid strategy options based on your campaign's goal.

Choose WhatsApp

In the ad set section, specify the conversion location as "Messaging Apps." You'll want to encourage engagement through "Click to message" as the ad type.

Define Target Audience

Now that WhatsApp is the destination, you need to outline your campaign's budget and schedule its start and end.

Tailor Target Audience

Define the audience for your conversion campaign. Consider factors like user location, age range, gender, languages, and connections. You'll get an idea of your target audience's size on the right side of your screen.

Set Ad Format

Once you've picked your placement, it's time to choose the ad format in the “Ad Setup” section. You can opt for a single image/video or a carousel.

Highlight Your Offers

Make sure to showcase any discounts or offers you're currently running, such as "free shipping" and "cash on delivery."

Upload Your Creative

Upload your ad creative and preview how it'll appear to your audience. Don't forget to add an engaging primary text.

Set the CTA to "Send WhatsApp Message"

This is the action you want your audience to take, so ensure it's set correctly.

Craft a Welcome Message Template

Make it easy for users to send you a message by setting up a welcome message template in the “Message Template” section. Customize the greeting text and questions based on your business. Remember to save the template for future campaigns, and then click "Save and Finish."

Publish Ad

With all these steps completed, you're all set to publish your ad. Facebook will review it, and once it's approved, your ad will go live. It's as simple as that!

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