Web-Chat Channel

Learn how to set up and optimize Gallabox Webchat on your website. Our guide covers user-friendly interface management, and customizable chat widgets to enhance customer support directly on your site.

Gallabox Webchat

Gallabox webchat allows one-on-one customer conversations directly on the website, eliminating the need to redirect to WhatsApp Web for support.

Gallabox webchat supports real-time messaging, ensuring prompt responses to customer inquiries. The interface is user-friendly, enabling agents to handle multiple conversations simultaneously. Additionally, Gallabox webchat comes with customizable chat widgets, allowing businesses to match the chat design with their website aesthetics.

Configure Webchat in Gallabox

Step 1: Access Web-Chat Channel

Navigate to the 'Web-Chat Channel' tab found under the Settings in the left-navigation team.

Step 2: Add a Chat Widget

Click on the 'Add New' to begin setting up your chat widget.

Step 3: Add the details to configure Web-Chat

Next, fill in the necessary details such as:


Website Name

The name of your website. For Instance: Gallabox

Website URL

The URL where your website is hosted. For Instance: www.gallabox.com

Widget Headline

The main title for your chat widget. For Instance: Gallabox Support

Status Tagline

A brief description shown under the headline. It should be under 20 characters. For Instance: Available 24/7.

Theme Color

The primary color for your widget. For example: #3264F9

Welcome Message

The message shown to users when they open the widget. For Instance: How can we assist you today?

Button Text

The text displayed on the chat button. For Instance: Text us

Away Message

The message shown when no agents are available to chat. For Instance: We are currently away. Please leave a message, we will get back to you soon.

Trigger Message

A greeting to engage users after they visit your site. It should be under 20 characters. For Instance: Error.

Allow anonymous chat

Enable users to chat without providing personal information.

Trigger Widget Timer

The delay before automatically triggering the chat widget.

Widget position

The placement of the widget on your website.


The logo displayed in the chat widget.

Step 4:Implement Webchat on Your Website

Copy the provided JavaScript snippet. Paste the snippet into the HTML code of your website, preferably right before the closing </body> tag.

Step 5: Add Your Agents

Add either all agents or only few to handle the queries coming to the web-chat channel.

Step 5: Start Engaging with Customers

Begin using Gallabox webchat to communicate with your customers directly on your website. If any issues arise, refer to Gallabox support documentation or contact customer support for assistance.

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