Drip Campaign Message Management

Easily send automated messages with customizable delivery preferences, template selection, and personalized links. Set intervals, select templates, and personalize links for efficient communication.

First Step in a Sequence

Send After

Select the interval delay for sending this specific message and set the duration in minutes, or hours, or days as desired.

The duration can be upto 60 days, or 168 hours, or 10080 minutes.

Send Message

Click on "+ Pick Template," search for your desired template, and click "Select."

  1. If the chosen template contains variables, you can opt to retrieve data from contacts or manually provide a value. Finally, click "confirm" to proceed.

  1. If the chosen template contains CTA button with dynamic URLs, you have the option to pick one variable. Adding a variable creates a personalized link for the customer to view their info. Only one variable can be added to the end of a URL.

  1. If your WhatsApp Template has a Media, you have ethe option to add a variable or upload the media file from your device.

Set custom delivery preference

You can control when this message is sent by checking or unchecking the checkbox. This allows you to specify the days and time range for message delivery.

By default, we've chosen "Any time" (24 hours) and "All Day" (Monday to Sunday). However, if you want to limit message delivery to, for example, 9 am - 6 pm, select "Time Range" and set start and end times. If you also want to send messages only from Monday to Friday, select "Selected days" and uncheck "Sat" and "Sun."

Add a new step

To add a new step, click the "Add Step" button, then follow the instructions provided in the first step to successfully add the new step.

Clone step

To clone or duplicate a step, simply hover over the step you want to duplicate and click the cloning icon located at the right end of the card. This action will duplicate the selected step successfully.

Edit a step

  1. You have the flexibility to modify any step's information, including the template, delay, and delivery preference. The delay and delivery preference function just as they did during creation.

  2. To change the template, simply click the edit icon, adjust the value in the pop-up, and click "Confirm" when finished. If you wish to replace the entire template, click "Change," select your desired template, and click "Select." For templates with variables, you can opt to retrieve contact data or manually input a value before clicking "Confirm."

Rearrange the step

To rearrange or swap steps, simply hover over or click on the step you want to move, then click on the icon, which will open a pop-up.

Delete step

To delete or remove a step, hover over or click on the step you wish to delete, and you will see the icons on the right end of the card. Click on the delete icon to successfully remove the selected step.

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