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Enhance customer engagement and streamline data collection with Gallabox's Send List Option feature. Simplify the process of gathering responses with predefined options. Explore now!

Send List Option Card

To make it easier for your customers to respond with specific words, you can use the Send List option. This feature allows customers to choose from a list of predefined options instead of typing their responses manually. It's a convenient way to engage with customers and gather the information you need.

Let’s understand how we can use Send List Option node in Gallabox.

Header Text

You can paste the text here for upto 60 characters. For Instance, you can add your Business Name. In the below screenshot, we have mentioned the name of the restaurant - PeachMint.

Question Text

This is the space where you ask your customer the question or any sentence you would like to mention. For example - "For Main Course, you can order the combo meals"

The above text can be made Bold, Italic, or strikethrough using the options provided. The text will add the asterisk(*) for Bold, Underscore(_) for Italic text, and Tilde(~) for Strikethrough as shown in the text below.

You can add variables too. Go to to know more.

This is the space for you to add any additional information related to the message like Prices are Inclusive of GST.

You can add the content as per your choice.

Options Type

For the options, Gallabox gives you the liberty of adding Static and Dynamic Options.

Static Options means the option will be fixed while the Dynamic options are capable of changing. If you have the dynamic values stored somewhere in your database, it can be accessed using API Call.

You can add a maximum of 10 buttons and you can create different sections.

Below is the example of how you can add the Static Options:

For the Dynamic Options in Send List Option, we have three fields - Variable to iterate, Path to ID, and Path to Title.

  • Variable to iterate: You have to add the name of the array here.

  • Path to ID: Add the path from your internal database in curly brackets.

  • Path to Title: Add the title in curly brackets like this {{first_name}}.

Please note:

  1. If multiple options are added under same section, it can be sent without a section name.

  2. If there are more than 1 section, then the section header is made mandatory to create the card.

Once you have set all the fields required and click on SAVE, the card will look like as shown in the screenshot below.

List Buttons are best if you want to update the customer but not get any input from the customer.

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