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Account Details

In the "Account Details" section, you can provide essential information about your Account Id, and business, including your business name, website, contact number, industry, currency, time zone, number of employees, and daily leads or orders.

Account Id

This is a unique identifier assigned to your Gallabox account. The Account ID serves as a reference or tracking number associated with your account, helping Gallabox differentiate between various users and businesses.

Business info


You can upload a profile image for your business, ensuring that it represents your brand or company effectively. Gallabox recommends an image size of less than 50KB.

Business Name

This is the name of your business or brand, which will be displayed on your Gallabox account.


You can enter your business's website URL.

Mobile Number

Include your business's contact number, ensuring to enter the number with the country code.


Specify the country in which your business is located.


Select the industry or category that best describes your business. This helps us understand the nature of your products or services.


Choose the currency you use for transactions within your business. This is important for accurate billing and payment processing.

Time Zone

Select your business's time zone, which ensures that timestamps on messages and interactions align with your local time.

Number of Employees

Indicate the approximate number of employees working in your business.

No. of leads/enquiries/orders per day

Specify the volume of leads, inquiries, or orders your business typically handles in a day.
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