Contact Management

Manage contacts efficiently with Gallabox! Learn how to push contacts to sequences, filter contacts by specific criteria, and customize column preferences for a streamlined experience.

Contact Management is an important aspect of ensuring your contacts are organized. This article explores how to push contacts to sequences, utilize filters, search through contacts, and adjust column preferences for a streamlined experience.

Push to Sequence

Pushing to Sequence enables automated follow-up actions and efficient contact categorization. Make sure to create a sequence before following the steps.

To push the contacts to Sequence, follow the steps below:

  1. In Contacts, select the contacts you would like to Push for Sequence.

  1. Select the option "Push to Sequence" at the top right corner. A pop-up will appear to select the Channel and the published sequence to enroll the contacts in.

  1. Choose the Channel and the Sequence name from the dropdown. Click on "Push Contacts".

The contacts will be pushed to sequence.

You can also push contacts to a desired sequence using Action option in the workflow for Integrations.

For Instance: If you would like to push the contacts from Shopify to a sequence, choose the option - "Push to Sequence" in the dropdown of Action button.

Filter Contacts

Click on the "Add Filter" button on the left of the screen to reveal the filters. Contacts can be filtered by the parameters set to collect contact data. To filter click on "Add Filter", input the necessary information, and click "Apply".

Common conditions to filter contacts:

- Filter by Name

If you have many contacts with same name, you can use this filter.

- Filter by Marketing Opt-in

Use this filter to filter out the contacts having Marketing Opt-in as "No" or "Yes".

- Filter by Tags

You can filter your contacts by Tags created during the data collection of customers.

Multiple filters can be added to find the desired information. There is no limit to the number of filters that can be added.

Column Preferences

On Gallabox, you can rearrange your contact fields according to your preference by clicking on "Column Preference" with various data fields you have set in your account. You can also drag and drop the fields to create a contact view for you.

It can act as a basic CRM helping your business to keep track of contacts and allowing your teams to personalize WhatsApp Messages.

Please Note:

Column Preference applies only to the user account and not to all members accessing the Gallabox account.

Search Contacts

You can search using any keyword like name, tags, first numbers of Contact number using the search bar in Contacts. Refer to the GIF below for guidance.

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