Initiate a New Chat

Learn how to initiate chat with customers using 4 different methods.

You can initiate a Chat with a customer if you have added their contact in Gallabox or you can add a contact and then send the customer a WhatsApp Template.

You can only use WhatsApp Templates to initiate a conversation with a customer.

Initiate chat with Customers in 4 ways

Start Chat with Saved Contact in Gallabox Conversations

Follow the below steps to start a chat with the saved contact.

  1. From the dashboard, go to "Conversations".

  1. To start a chat with this contact, select a pre-approved template that you would want to send to the contact, fill variables and click send.

Send WhatsApp Template to Unsaved Contact in Gallabox

If you want to send a message to a contact which is not yet saved on Gallabox, you can create a contact and then send a WhatsApp Template as a first Interaction.

Follow the GIF below:

Individually Send Text to Gallabox Contact

Responding to the customer's message

When a customer sends you a message, you can instantly respond and engage in a chat conversation.

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