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Enhance customer journey with WhatsApp Native Payment integration & Razorpay. Start receiving payments on WhatsApp. Link your payment account now!

WhatsApp Native Payment

This feature enhances the customer journey and facilitates conversions for businesses using WhatsApp Business API. With Native Payment integration, businesses can seamlessly send bills directly to clients within WhatsApp. This documentation will guide you through the process of linking your payment account and utilizing the available payment options for Indian businesses.

This feature is available for businesses in Singapore and India, as well as for their customers in these countries.

To Link your WhatsApp UPI account to Gallabox, go to Catalog and select the Payments option.

  1. Under Configure the Payment Gateway, click on Connect for "WhatsApp Pay". A pop-up will open for you to add the details.

  2. Select the WhatsApp Channel (Indian Phone Number associated with Gallabox), update the payment provider and configuration name (on your META SUITE account).

  3. Choose the Payment Provider (UPI VA ID, RazorPay, or PayU as used in WhatsApp Business Manager) and enter payment configuration name (as used in WhatsApp Business Manager).

  4. Click on Save to add another payment gateway to receive payments via Gallabox.

Update Payment Provider in META

To start receiving payments on WhatsApp, businesses need to add a payment configuration to their corresponding WhatsApp Business Account. This configuration allows businesses to link their payment gateway account to WhatsApp. Each payment configuration is associated with a unique name.

Steps to Link Your Payment Account:

  1. Navigate to the 'Direct pay methods' page under the 'India' section in WhatsApp Business Manager.

  2. Fill in the required details as prompted on the 'Direct pay methods' page. These details typically include information about your payment gateway account.

  3. Upon submission of the payment details, you will be redirected to the payment gateway website.

  4. On the payment gateway website, enter your credentials (such as username and password) to authenticate your account. Follow the instructions provided by the payment gateway to complete the linking process.


  1. Ensure that you provide accurate and up-to-date information during the payment configuration setup process.

  2. The linking process may vary depending on the specific payment gateway you are using. Follow the instructions provided by your payment gateway provider.

  3. Once the linking process is successfully completed, your payment gateway account will be linked to WhatsApp, allowing you to send bills directly to clients within the app.


Check out the below videos for an in-depth insight on Connecting Razorpay:-

Setup your Channel

Go through the below video to understand the steps to set up the Channel.

Follow the below steps to set up your Channel.

  1. Go to Payments under Commerce.

  1. Click on Start Configuration select the Channel. Click on Enable.

Go through the below video to understand the steps to set up the Payment Provider.

Follow the below steps to set up your Channel.

  1. Select the Razorpay Payment Provider provide a name. Click on Connect and then Authorize.

  1. Click on Done and you have successfully establish a connection for the payments. You can now send payment links to your Customers and track the status of the payments.

Thank you for choosing RazorPay for your business needs.

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