Block List

Streamline your communication with Gallabox's powerful blocking feature. Say goodbye to spammers and marketers by effortlessly blocking unwanted numbers. Keep your privacy intact!

In your journey to hassle-free and streamlined communication, Gallabox brings you a robust solution. Whether it's spammers, persistent marketers, or any unwanted contact, you have the power to keep your communication channels clean and efficient. Managing your blocked numbers is easier than ever; let's dive into how you can wield this feature effectively:

Easy Blocking:

To block a number, simply navigate to conversation, choose the desired number, and select the 'Block' option. This instant action prevents further incoming calls or messages from the blocked number, ensuring your privacy and peace of mind.

The other way is to click on Block Number, type the number you want to block and press Block. The number you want to Block will be added to the Block List.

Unblock at Will:

Should you ever change your mind or wish to unblock a number, Gallabox allows you to do so effortlessly. Navigate to your list of blocked numbers and unblock any contact with ease. Follow the below GIF to unblock a Contact.

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