Send Location

Discover how to easily share specific locations with others using the "Send Location" feature. Learn how to provide directions and essential details about a place.

Understanding "Send Location"

The "Send Location" feature allows users to share a specific location with others. This feature is commonly used to provide recipients with directions about a particular place.

Send Location Essentials:

When utilizing the "Send Location" feature", users are prompted to provide the following details:


This refers to the name of the location being shared. It could be a landmark, or your company's name.


Input the address of the location, including details such as street name, building number, city, and country.


Users have two options to specify the location:

  • Search Location: Users can search for the location by typing its name or address in the search bar provided. They can also use View in Map to double check the location.

  • Latitude & Longitude: Alternatively, users can input the latitude and longitude coordinates of the location directly.

It's essential to remember that only static locations can be shared using this feature. Real-time locations, which constantly update as the user moves, cannot be shared via WhatsApp Business API.

Implementation Example:

To send a location, users follow these steps:

  1. Input the name of the location - Habitat center.

  2. Provide the complete address of the location -

  3. Select the preferred method to specify the location:

    • Use the search feature to find the location by name or address.

    • Alternatively, input the latitude and longitude coordinates of the location.

  4. Confirm the location details and save the Card.

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