Send your WhatsApp data to HubSpot using Chatbot

Connect and optimize HubSpot CRM effortlessly with our step-by-step guide. Capture and transfer customer information seamlessly into your HubSpot account for enhanced CRM capabilities.


Step into seamless customer relationship management with our guide on connecting and optimizing HubSpot. Whether you're creating a new connection or configuring the "Create or Update Contact" action, this documentation provides a comprehensive walkthrough to integrate HubSpot effortlessly into your chat-flow.

Connect HubSpot CRM

  1. Choose the connector - HubSpot from the list of connectors or search HubSpot from the Search bar.

  1. Click on the Action - Create or Update Contact and you will be asked to create a connection or choose from already existing connection.

  1. If you haven't made any connection, see if the Connection Name is fine with you and click on Create Connection. Clicking on Create Connection will open a pop-up asking you to either create a new HubSpot account or Sign in to your HubSpot account. Once you sign in, you have to provide the access to your HubSpot account.

Using the HubSpot Connector

Create or Update Lead

  1. Click on the Connection you created by clicking on Connect and you will be redirected to the Action - Create or Update Contact.

  2. The required field to add is Email. Apart from this, if you want to push any other field you captured say Order Date, or Lead Status, or Lifecycle stage you can click on Optional Fields to push the corresponding values. Zoho has 43 optional Fields to choose from.

All the details of the customers captured after they interact with the chat-flow having HubSpot Connector will be pushed to the connected HubSpot account.

Make sure to add the right variables as values for all the fields.

With your HubSpot connector configured, effortlessly manage customer details by mapping required fields like Email and exploring optional fields like Order Date or Lead Status. This guide ensures a smooth connection, enabling the capture and transfer of customer information seamlessly into your HubSpot account for enhanced CRM capabilities.

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