Ask Location

Utilize the Ask Location card to prompt users for their location. Remember to ask for coordinates, not the address in text.

Ask Location Card

Ask Location from your customer by using Ask Location card.

You can only ask the co-ordinates from the user not the address in text.

For example: Kindly share your location with us to send the service person.

The above text can be made Bold, Italic, or strikethrough using the options provided. The text will add the asterisk(*) for Bold, Underscore(_) for Italic text, and Tilde(~) for Strikethrough as shown in the text below.

Other available fields:

  1. Attempt: In this field, you have to add the number of times you would like to ask the same question to your customers when you get some other response.

  2. Validation Error Message: This message is for the customer's when they respond randomly to the question you have asked.

  1. Action on Invalid Response: This is for the Action you want to take when a customer gives an invalid response. You can either End the Flow or Skip the question or Proceed to Fallback to continue with the flow.

  1. Store response in the variable: You can create or use the previously created variables to store the responses shared by your customers. If you are creating variables for the first time, all you have to do is type the Variables name in the box; it will ask to create the variable once you click on Create "Variable Name" as shown in the screenshot below.

Once you have set all the fields required and click on SAVE.

PRO TIP: Use Variables in the Question Text and in the Validation Error Message to make it more personalized.

The ask card sent will have a button with a static text β€œSend Location”. When the end user clicks on β€œSend Location” will open maps in WhatsApp to share location.

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