Add Note & Mention

Improve communication by directly addressing relevant users in discussions with our Mention feature. Tag or notify specific individuals within a conversation to ensure prompt involvement of users.


The Mention feature in our messaging platform allows users to tag or notify specific individuals within a conversation. This feature enhances communication by directly addressing and involving relevant users in discussions.


When using this Node/Card, keep in mind the following:

  1. The maximum length of a Note is 4096 characters.

  2. Mentions are optional and should be used judiciously to avoid unnecessary notifications for users.


To use this, write the note in the space provided. You can choose the Gallabox users from the dropdown to mention them.

In the above example, the note will be mentioned on the chat and the concerned person will be mentioned in the chat. This will ensure, the relevant team members are promptly informed and involved in the discussion.

This is how it will be visible in the conversation:

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