Select Template

Kickstart your broadcast setup by choosing a template and channel. Select the channel for your broadcast and choose an existing template or create a new one.

The first step in the process of creating your first Broadcast is to select the Template and then the Channel.

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Select the Channel

If you have more than 1 Channel connected with Gallabox, choose the Channel you would like to send out the Broadcast for.

Select Created Template

If you have already created a message template then you can click on Select button besides the template. You will be redirected to choosing the audience for the broadcast. If you haven't created any template for the Broadcast, Click on "+New Template" to create one for the campaign. Guide on how to create a WhatsApp Template.

It is recommended to create the WhatsApp Template beforehand as it takes ample amount of time to get verified and can be used after 15 minutes of approval.

You can use the Search Bar to search for the Templates that you would like to send in a broadcast.

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