Send Payments

Understanding "Send Payments"

The "Send Payments" feature allows users to share WhatsApp Payment links with your customers. With this functionality, businesses can receive payments from customers directly through WhatsApp.

Before you proceed

With this Card, make sure you have connected WhatsApp Payments. If not, visit

Send WhatsApp Payments Essentials

When utilizing the "Send WhatsApp Payments" Card, users are prompted to provide the following details:

Payment Provider

Choose from UPI VPA ID or Razorpay to receive the payment on WhatsApp.

Order Details

Provide information about the items included in the order (by adding manually or using a variable).

Header Image

Upload an optional header image for the payment request.


Enter a brief description or message related to the payment request.

Include an optional footer text for the payment request.

Advanced Settings

Specify tax, shipping, and discount details for the payment.


Tax Amount: Enter the tax amount.

Tax Description: Provide a description of the tax.


Shipping Amount: Enter the shipping amount.

Shipping Description: Provide a description of the shipping charges.


Discount Amount: Enter the discount amount.

Discount Description: Provide a description of the discount.

Discount Program Name: Enter the name of the discount program.

Advance Option

Input custom data in JSON format. Razorpay only supports up to 10 keys in a JSON.

Card Usage

To send a payment request:

  1. Select the desired payment provider.

  2. Enter the order details, including items, country of origin, importer information, and address details.

  3. Optionally, upload a header image and provide body and footer text.

  4. Configure advanced options as needed, such as tax, shipping, and discount details.

  5. Submit the payment request.

With the Send Payments feature, businesses can streamline payment processes and offer a convenient payment experience to their customers directly through WhatsApp.

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