Zoom WhatsApp Integration - How to enable webinar registration on WhatsApp

Unlock the full potential of your Zoom Pro account with the integrated connector. Create connections and add registrants effortlessly, streamlining your event management process with precision.


Elevate your Zoom experience by seamlessly integrating the Zoom connector for effortless event management. This guide walks you through the steps to create connections and add registrants with precision, enhancing your Zoom Pro account capabilities.

Creating Connection for Zoom

  1. Choose the connector - Zoom from the list of connectors or Search from the search box as shown in the GIF.

  1. Click on the Action available - Add Registrant and you will be directed to the Connections either to create or use the existing one. If you haven't made any connection, provide the Connection Name and click on Create Connection.

  1. Once you click on Create Connection, you will be asked to authorize Zoom as shown in the GIF below. If you are redirected to sign in page of zoom, kindly sign in and then authorize.

Using the Zoom Connector

Add Registrant

  1. Go to existing connection and select the connection you created by clicking on Connect. You will be taken to edit the Action - Add Registrant.

  1. The required fields are - Webinar Topic, First Name, Last Name, Email of the registrant. Choose the Webinar Topic from the dropdown, enter the variables for First Name, last Name, and email of the registrant field.

Make sure there is a upcoming webinar created on your Zoom account.

  1. Apart from the required field, there are Optional fields to add like the phone number of the registrant and if there any comments to be added you can opt for this field as well.

  1. Along with this, there are three more required fields - Webinar Topic, Webinar Start Time, and Webinar Link that you have to add variables for. The details will be shared with your registrant after successful registration on their registered email id.

  1. Once you have selected the corresponding variables, click on Save and connect the connector with the chat-flow.

Below is the sample chat-flow for your reference:

Unlock the full potential of your Zoom Pro account with the integrated connector. By following the steps to create connections and add registrants, you can streamline webinar registrations, ensuring a seamless experience for both hosts and participants in your chat-flow.

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