Update Conversation Fields

Simplify conversation management with our website's card feature. Update or delete conversation tags with ease by selecting values, operations, and saving changes for a smooth chat-flow experience.

This card can be used to Update for the conversation or remove the tags from the conversation.

If you want to update the Conversation Tag, then you have to provide the value for the tag. You can either create the value for the tag or you can add the variables.

Under the variables, you can have Intent, Recipient Details, Contact Fields, or any custom fields as the value.

Once you are done selecting the value, you have to select the operation. You want to Append, replace, or add if empty.

-> Use Append if you want to add to the previous value.

-> Use Replace if you want to replace the previous value and add a new one.

-> Use Add if Empty if the field in a conversation has no value and you want to add.

As a last step, click on Save to update the conversation fields when a customer goes through the chat-flow.

You can find the conversation tags in the conversation window.

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