Marketing opt-in Handling Methods

Learn how to manage marketing opt-ins when sending messages through various methods like compose box, API & integrations on our website. Identify customers who have opted out easily.

Messages can be sent in various ways, such as:

  • Compose box in the conversations module.

  • Broadcast.

  • Sequence.

  • API & Integrations.

  • Incoming conversations handled by Bot.

Now, let's explore how marketing opt-in is managed when sending a message in each of these scenarios.

Compose box in the conversations module

  • When attempting to send a message to a customer who has opted out of marketing (marked as NO), we will display a notification to inform you about it.

  • This notification helps you easily identify customers who have opted out.

  • If you select a marketing template and try to send the message, we will also provide a warning to ensure you don't miss this information.


  • In a broadcast, when you are sending a marketing category template, there will be a toggle option displayed.

  • The toggle is labeled as "send message to contacts who opted-in for marketing."

  • By default, this toggle will be ON, and it will show the number of contacts that the broadcast will be sent to.

  • For example, if there are 1000 contacts and 10 of them have opted out of marketing, when the toggle is ON, the message will be sent to 990 contacts, excluding the 10 contacts.

  • It is recommended to send messages only to customers who have opted in for marketing.

  • However, if you want to send the message to all customers for some reason, you can toggle the option OFF, and the broadcast will be sent to all selected clients.

  • But please note that turning this option OFF may affect your quality rating, as indicated by the warning message.


  • In a sequence, if a marketing category template is used, those messages will only be sent to contacts with marketing opt-in.

  • If a contact with marketing opt-in set to NO enters the sequence, the message will fail for that contact.

  • The contact will be moved to the next step in the sequence.

API & Integrations

  • If a marketing template is attempted to be sent to a contact with a marketing opt-in set to NO, the message will fail.

  • The failure, along with the reason, will be displayed in the report.

Incoming conversations handled by Bot

  • During a conversation with a bot, marketing opt-in is ignored since the conversation is initiated by the bot.

  • If you are using a marketing template in a bot flow, the message will be sent to the contact regardless of their opt-in consent.

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