Meta Business Verification

Prepare and get your Facebook Business Manager verified to send unlimited messages everyday on WhatsApp

Ensuring a smooth Meta Business Verification process is crucial, and following the outlined preparations and guidelines will increase your company's chances of successful verification. If you face challenges, Gallabox support team is here to assist you.

Preparation for Meta Business Verification

To enhance the chances of your company's verification by Meta, ensure the following:

  • The company's website is active, has SSL, and is complete with the company's name, address, and phone number matching Business Manager information.

  • The account email aligns with the company's website domain (if going for Domain Verification).

  • For phone number verification, ensure you can receive calls. If your number has IVR applied, temporarily disable.

  • The company's trade name in documentation matches that on the website and Facebook page, or they are related.

Documents Required for Business Verification

Because of the differences between legal documents between countries, Facebook has provided a list of the specific documents that need to be sent according to each country. Please see for India and other countries below.

To apply for Facebook Business Verification, you need to submit documents that support the registered business’ legal name, address and phone number.

Facebook cross checks with the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) records to validate any information you submit to them. Hence, it is absolutely essential to submit the most up-to-date and correct documents because any discrepancy can lead to rejection or further questions.

Here’s a list of the documents that are mandatory for Facebook Business Verification for Indian Business (in order of recommendation).

Documents not accepted for Business Verification

Application Process for Business Verification

  1. Access your Facebook business manager account, go to your Facebook account and click on Business Settings.

  1. On the left hand-side panel, scroll down and find Security Center, and click on Start Verification.

  1. You will need to fill out all your Business Details – Name, Address, Phone Number and Website. Make sure this information is consistent with MCA records and with the Business Details in your supporting documents. Once you are done, click Next.

  1. Next, Facebook will generate a list of businesses that match the information you just entered. You need to select your business category from this list and continue.

  1. You will need to simply confirm the business details that you wish to submit to Facebook. These details need to match the business details in your supporting documents that you will submit next. This information will also be present on your Facebook Business Profile once your verification is complete.

  1. Submit a supporting document to verify your Legal Business Name. You can upload any of the acceptable documents like the Certificate of Incorporation, Business License, Business Bank Account Statement etc. Once you have uploaded the document on Facebook for verification, click next.

Ensure that you choose the correct language of the document – you need to specify the language of the documents you are submitting correctly so that the reviewer is easily able to verify it.

  1. You need to repeat the same process for verifying your Legal Business Address or Phone Number on Facebook. Once you have uploaded an acceptable document, click next.

  1. You will need to choose a Facebook verification method. You can choose to receive a code via call or email or you can choose to verify using your business’ website domain.

If you are choosing to verify via email or call, make sure that you are entering an email address or phone number that you have access to. It is recommended that your verification may get completed faster if you use an email address that contains your website domain.

  1. If you picked email verification, enter the code that you must have received and click submit.

You have now completed the application for the verification of your business on Facebook!

Application Review Process on Facebook Business Manager

A review of your application by Facebook can take anywhere between 3 business days to 4 weeks. If your application has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email. You can also check the status of your application in the Security Center.

You may not receive a confirmation immediately. In case Facebook requires additional documentation, you will receive a notification about it. You will then need to respond to the same support ticket from Facebook and submit necessary documentation.

Once your verification comes through, you are eligible for unlimited messaging on Gallabox.

Business verification is different from the verified badge (green tick or Official Business Account), offering different benefits.

Verification Button Is Unavailable:

Ineligible Business Managers can enable verification by completing Business Info on Facebook and creating a WhatsApp Business API account with Gallabox.

Display Name

Earlier, only verified badge holders could have their approved display name appear for their business. From 2024, the business Display Name will be visible for all accounts that have passed business verification, regardless of the badge (Green Tick).

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