Send your WhatsApp data to WooCommerce using Chatbot

Connect WooCommerce and empower your online store with personalized details. Learn how to add Meta Data and enhance your order processing for a tailored shopping experience.


Embark on a seamless e-commerce journey with WooCommerce integration. This guide walks you through the process of connecting WooCommerce, specifically focusing on the action "Add Meta Data," empowering your online store with personalized details.

This connector is used to pass the data into one specific custom field (Meta Data) already created in your WooCommerce Account for Payment Gateway, WooCommerce Subscriptions, or Shipment Tracking for example.

Creating Connection for WooCommerce

  1. Choose the connector - WooCommerce from the list of connectors.

  1. Click on the action - Add Meta Data, it will ask you to Add New Connection or Select Existing Connection. If you haven't made any connection, see if the Connection Name is fine with you and proceed with pasting the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, and the WooShop Subdomain. You will find the guide to find all the fields here.

Using the action

Add Meta Data

  1. Once the connection is created, click on Connect besides the connection.

  1. The action has mandatory fields:

  • For the order Id - you have to add the variable in which the order is stored.

  • In the Meta Data - you have to add the Key and the Value. For example: You can also push the tags (associated with the contact in Gallabox) as custom Meta Data in WooCommerce.

Make sure to add the right variables as values for all the fields.

With your WooCommerce connection established and the "Add Meta Data" action configured, enhance your order processing by adding custom Meta Data. Leverage variables to ensure accurate data input, providing a tailored shopping experience for your customers. Streamline your WooCommerce integration effortlessly with these insightful steps.

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