Send Button Option

Create engaging Send Button Option Cards for your customers. Add images, videos, or documents to make it interactive. Ask questions in bold, italic, or strikethrough text.

Send Button Option Card

Use this if you want your customers to easily reply with certain words without having to type them out, you can use the Send Button option.

Let's see what goes into creating the Button option with media.

Header Type

You can add an image or a video, or a text, or a document to make it more interactive.

Maximum size for:

Image is 5MB

Video is 16MB

Document is 16MB

Question Text

This is the space where you ask your customer the question for example- These are the available times at the store. or Oversized T-shirts start at Rs.449. Which spectrum of prints you would take a dive in? The possibilities are endless.

The above text can be made Bold, Italic, or strikethrough using the options provided. The text will add the asterisk(*) for Bold, Underscore(_) for Italic text, and Tilde(~) for Strikethrough as shown in the text below.

This is the space for you to add any additional information related to the message like Hurry, size up on style & set #stylegoals or Hurry, Shop these fast-sellers Now.

You can add the content as per your choice.

Button Type

You can choose from Two Button Types - Reply or CTA (Call to Action) depending on the message you would like to share with your customers. Let's see in detail the two types.

Reply Button

For the reply, Gallabox has the option of adding either Static or Dynamic Options.

Static Options means the option will be fixed while the Dynamic options are capable of changing. If you have the dynamic values stored somewhere in your database, it can be accessed using API Call.

You can add a maximum of 3 buttons.

Below is the example of how you can add the Static Options:

For the Dynamic Options in Ask Button Option, we have three fields - Variable to iterate, Path to ID, and Path to Title.

  • Variable to iterate: You have to add the name of the array here.

  • Path to ID: Add the path from your internal database in curly brackets.

  • Path to Title: Add the title in curly brackets like this {{first_name}}.

CTA (Call To Action) URL

This feature is only supported in cloud API.

You can include a interactive button to enhance user engagement and interactivity.

You have two fields - Button text and Button URL. For Button you can add Visit Us for example and for the Button URL, you can add the website you would like to redirect your customers.

Once you have set all the fields required for Reply Button type and click on SAVE, the card will look like below.

For CTA URL type, the card will look like below.

To the customer, the Reply Button Option would look something like the screenshot below:

Reply Buttons are best for getting response from a limited set of options, particularly valuable for use cases where a generic response is adequate.

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