Receiving Response of WhatsApp Flow

Discover all your customers' feedback in one place with Gallabox. Easily access and manage responses under WhatsApp Flows in your account settings.

Gallabox will collect all the responses your customers have shared and list them under WhatsApp Flows.

See the Flow Response

To see all the responses:

  1. In your Gallabox Account, click on the settings in the navigation bar. Click on WhatsApp Flows.

  1. Switch to the channel through which Flow Message Templates were shared with your customers.

  1. Click on the flow for which you would like to see the responses.

  1. You can change the column name and the column type (data types).

Column Name and type for Contact Name, Phone Number, Flow Token, and Received at column cannot be changed.

Edit the column for the Flow Response

To add missing columns for new flow responses, choose "Edit Column" to sync the needed information.

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