Re-write with AI

Unlock the power of AI to transform your WhatsApp templates into compelling and engaging content.


This article explores the process of enhancing and re-writing WhatsApp templates using AI technology. It delves into the benefits of using AI for improving message effectiveness and personalization. Additionally, it provides practical steps and examples for implementing AI-driven template re-writing.

Getting Started

Rewriting your templates with AI is a breeze! Here's how to get started:

Access the AI Rewriting Feature

Within Gallabox, navigate to the "WhatsApp Templates" section. Hit the "+Create New template" button.

Add the Message Content

Enter the details for name, template type, Language, header (if needed). Add the content for Message Body.

Use AI- Rewrite

Click "AI Rewrite" to see the message content formatted clearly.

Submit for Approval

Once you are done re-writing the Message content using AI, provide the sample values for the variables defined. Add footer and buttons as per your requirement. Hit "Submit for Approval" button to get the Message Template verified.

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