WhatsApp template URL tracking

Enable URL tracking for WhatsApp message templates by toggling Track link clicks. Monitor clicks for up to two URLs separately, whether they are static, dynamic, or a combination of both.

WhatsApp Template URL Tracking is a feature that allows businesses to monitor user interactions with URLs included in WhatsApp message templates.

URL Tracking Implementation

When creating WhatsApp message templates, businesses can include URLs in the CTA Buttons within the template content. These URLs can lead to their websites, landing pages, or other online resources.

To enable URL tracking, businesses can add tracking parameters to the URLs within the templates. Switch On the Toggle for Track link clicks.

Tracking Clicks for Multiple URLs:

  • If your message template includes multiple URLs (up to two), each URL click is tracked separately.

  • This applies to various combinations of URLs, whether they are both static, both dynamic, or one static and one dynamic.

Example Scenarios:

  1. Static – Static: If you have two static URLs in your template, the system will track clicks for each URL independently.

  2. Dynamic – Dynamic: Similarly, if both URLs are dynamic, you will receive separate insights for clicks on each dynamic link.

  3. Static – Dynamic: In the case of one static and one dynamic URL, both links are tracked individually, providing a comprehensive view of user interactions.

Viewing Insights in Broadcast

If you are using the WhatsApp Template with URL tracking for Broadcast, you can see the number of clicks for the URL in the Broadcast Overview.

If you are using the WhatsApp Template with URL tracking for Sequence or for conversations, you have to add a message tracker in order to see the number of click in the Logs.

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