WhatsApp Templates

Learn how to create effective WhatsApp message templates for marketing. Follow guidelines, avoid restricted content, and get your templates approved hassle-free.

WhatsApp marketing uses pre-approved message templates by Meta, including broadcasts, greetings, and ads. Have your most-used messages approved for smooth communication.

Rules for creating WhatsApp templates

For your WhatsApp messages to get approved, follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Template Name: Use only lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores. The name should be relevant to the WhatsApp Message Content.

For Instance: If you are creating a Welcome Message Template, the name should be welcome_message not any random name like jjjhhhh or shopify_template.

  1. Restricted Content: Avoid promoting restricted items like drugs, weapons, etc. Learn more.

  2. No Sensitive Data: Don't ask for financial or sensitive information.

  3. Variable Format: Use {{variableName}} for variables, and provide samples for clarity.

For example:

{{name}} = John

{{price}} = 138 INR or

{{companyName}} = Gallabox

Once you have created your template you can submit it for approval. It can take up to 24 hours for an approval decision to be made. Once a decision has been made, a tag will appear with your WhatsApp Message Template.

WhatsApp Template Categories

Template messages can be divided into three categories:




Utility templates are usually triggered by a user action or request. They should include specific details about the current transaction, account, subscription, or interaction. For instance, an order confirmation must have an order number.

Any template containing both utility and marketing content will be considered a marketing template.

WhatsApp templates Status

Once a template message is created and approved, it can have the following statuses:

Template StatusDescription


Your template has been submitted and is awaiting review. Be patient; it's in the queue for the approval process


Your template is in the process of being reviewed by WhatsApp/Meta. Wait for approval; the review typically takes around 24 hours.

Recently Approved

Your template has met WhatsApp's guidelines. Wait for the status to change to Approved to share the Template.


Your template is ready to use. Start sending your approved messages to contacts.


Your template didn't meet WhatsApp's guidelines and needs adjustments. Re-create your template as per feedback and resubmit for review.


An issue occurred during the template process; it might be incomplete or incorrect (wrong template category, or invalid link in the CTA). Review the template for errors and resubmit the template if needed.

Template Approval Process

Each template must be reviewed and approved by Meta before being sent to customers. When you send a template approval request, Meta immediately validate its category.

  • If Meta agrees with the category you selected, the template status is set to PENDING; the template will then go through template review.

  • If Meta disagrees with your designation, the template will be created, but its status is set to REJECTED .

We recommend including the allow_category_change to Yes in your template creation request. This will prevent your template from being rejected due to miscategorization and ensure it continues to template review process.

The review process can take up to 24 hours. You can only send templates with an Approved status.

WhatsApp Template Types

You can only send Templates that have Approved status. The following template types can be sent:

  • Text Templates: These are your classic message templates with just words.

  • Media templates: Think of these like flyers or mini-presentations you can send through WhatsApp.

  • Interactive message templates: These templates let users take action within the message, like clicking buttons or making selections.

  • Multi-Product Message templates: Imagine a mini-catalog you can send through WhatsApp to show off different options.

  • Location-based message templates: These templates can include a map or directions, useful if you have a physical store or offer location-based services.

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