WhatsApp Templates

Learn how to create effective WhatsApp message templates for marketing. Follow guidelines, avoid restricted content, and get your templates approved hassle-free.

WhatsApp marketing relies on message templates, which are pre-approved messages by Meta. These templates include WhatsApp broadcasts, greeting messages, and advertising messages. It's a smart practice to have your most frequently used messages pre-approved for smooth and hassle-free communication.

Rules for creating WhatsApp templates

For your WhatsApp messages to get approved, follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Template Name: Use only lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores.

  2. Content Guidelines: Respect WhatsApp rules regarding message content.

  3. Restricted Content: Avoid promoting restricted items like drugs, weapons, etc. Learn more.

  4. No Sensitive Data: Don't ask for financial or sensitive information.

  5. Variable Format: Use {{variableName}} for variables, and provide samples for clarity. For example: {{name}}, {{price}}, or {{companyName}}.

Once you have created your template you can submit it for approval. It can take up to 24 hours for an approval decision to be made. Once a decision has been made, a tag will appear with your WhatsApp Message Template.

WhatsApp templates Status

Templates can have the following statuses.

  1. Submitted: Your template is in the process of being reviewed by WhatsApp/Meta. Wait for approval; the review typically takes around 24 hours.

  2. Pending: Your template has been submitted and is awaiting review. Be patient; it's in the queue for the approval process.

  3. Recently Approved: Your template has met WhatsApp's guidelines. Wait for the status to change to Approved to share the Template.

  4. Approved: Your template is ready to use. Start sending your approved messages to contacts.

  5. Rejected: Your template didn't meet WhatsApp's guidelines and needs adjustments. Re-create your template as per feedback and resubmit for review.

  6. Error: An issue occurred during the template process; it might be incomplete or incorrect (wrong template category, or invalid link in the CTA). Review the template for errors and resubmit the template if needed.

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