Zoho Signals

Zoho Signals introduces a notification system that keeps users informed when their chat is not in an open state. Notifications are triggered 5 to 10 seconds after closing an open conversation. Notably, conversations lasting between 5 to 10 seconds do not prompt notifications.
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    In Zoho, we send templates based on the chosen configuration. Whether you pick or, it will work for bulk messages.
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    In the WhatsApp widget, if there is no configuration, the widget takes the value from the if it is available; otherwise, it takes from the
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    This feature is exclusive to the Lead module within Zoho CRM.

Integration Guide for Zoho Signals with Gallabox

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    From the left navigation go to Integration and scroll on Zoho Signals from the available apps. Click on Connect.
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    Provide the Integration name and click on Submit. You will be redirected to sign in on your Zoho Account.
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    Sign in on Zoho and authorize for it to integrate with your Gallabox account.
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    Select the Channel (WhatsApp number) you would like to use with the Zoho Signals to send the messages to your customers and Enable Signals as shown in the GIF.
Once you update the configuration, you will start getting the signals when you receive a reply to the WhatsApp Message.
If you are not getting any notifications, make sure you have updated the Gallabox Application on the Zoho Marketplace.
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