Template Creation and Editing

Learn how to create a template in Gallabox for WhatsApp messages. Personalize the template with variables and add a footer with a recommended unsubscribe message.

Create a Template

  1. To create the template in Gallabox, go to Settings. From the dropdown select WhatsApp templates.

  1. Click on + Create New Template. The Template editor will open up.

  1. Provide the Name for the Template. Select Category (Utility, Custom Marketing, or Product Marketing) of the Template. Choose Message Header and add the content image or Location.

  1. Write the Message in the Message Body.

If you have some information that will be changed while sending message's to different customers, you can add Variables for that. For example: You can add a variable - name after Hello to personalize the message.

  1. Add a Footer. The recommended content is Reply with 'STOP' to unsubscribe from marketing messages. If you want you can also add the Tagline of your Business.

  1. Buttons provide a convenient way for users to interact with a message and take specific actions. There are two categories of buttons: 1. Quick Reply: A button with customizable text that allows users to respond quickly with predefined options (e.g., "Yes" or "No"). 2. Call to Action: A button that encourages users to take a specific action, such as visiting a website or fill up a form.


  1. If you add more than three buttons, they may appear as a list to avoid clutter in the message. In web application, it will only be shown in 10 buttons vertically.

  2. You can add a maximum of 3 CTA buttons ( 2 URLs and 1 Phone button). If you are choosing a Flow (WhatsApp Form) then only 1 CTA button is allowed.

  3. You can add a maximum of maximum 10 Quick Reply Buttons.

  4. You can't place CTA and Quick Replies between sections, but you can switch them using the swap button.

  1. For the final check, go through the generated template for any changes. Click on Submit for approval.

Edit a Template from Gallabox Library

  1. Under the Settings in your left navigation go to WhatsApp Templates.

  1. Select Library as shown in the screenshot below.

  1. Pick one of the templates that you would like to use for your business. Most common template used is payment_successful WhatsApp template. Let's take this template for example. To edit the template, click on Use as directed in the screenshot below.

  1. Once you click on Use, you will be able to edit the template as per your requirements.

Field nameDescription


You can name the template as per your reference.


Categories available are Custom Marketing, Product Marketing, Utility, Authentication (Launching soon)

Allow Category Change

Yes if you don't know the type of category your message falls in, otherwise No.


The Number you connected with Gallabox


Most preferred Language is English. You can choose from the list of options.

Message Header

You can add text, image, document, video, or Location as a message header. Make sure your text should be 60 characters long, image should be in jpeg, jpg, PNG format within 5MB size, your video should be in mp4, 3gpp file types within 10MB size, and document in PDF within 10MB size.

Message Body

Type the message you would like to share with your users. To make it personalized using variables wherever necessary. If you have added variables in the message body, make sure to provide accurate sample value for them.


Add a short line of text to the bottom of your message template. You can use this space to add a tagline or provide the user with a way to unsubscribe.


You can add the Call to action or Quick Reply for your message. You can add 2 CTAs and 3 Quick Reply Buttons.

  1. After you are done editing the template, click on Submit for Approval button. The template will be shared with META for the verification.

Template that gets approved can be used only after 15 minutes of approval. Make sure to wait for at least 15 minutes before you start using the template.

Template Configurations

To add Reply Settings for a specific template, you can do it after the template has been verified by META. To do this:

  1. Go to the WhatsApp Templates in your Gallabox Account. View the template for which you would like to add the Reply Settings. Click on the three-dot menu. Click on configurations and a pop-up will open by having reply settings.

  1. You can assign the conversation (when someone clicks a button or swipes right to reply to the WhatsApp Template) to a team, a bot, or a Gallabox user. Click on Save.

If you uncheck the box for Override Assignments, the conversation will not be assigned to the "test" team, and any current assignments that exist will work.

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