Send WhatsApp Flow in a Bot

Simplify user data collection with Gallabox's Ask Form Card feature. Customize forms effortlessly and gather information seamlessly within the platform. Learn more about its usage.


Gallabox Bots allow for seamless integration of interactive elements such as Ask Card and Send Card to facilitate WhatsApp Forms sharing. By selecting between Ask Form Card for input-requiring interactions and Send Form Card for information dissemination without user input, you can tailor the experience to your customer's needs.

Ask Form Card

The "Ask Form" card simplifies the process of gathering and managing user data within the Gallabox platform. This feature allows users to seamlessly collect information from users through customizable forms.

Read more about the usage of Ask Form Card here.

Send Form Card

The "Send Form" feature in Gallabox enables users to transmit customizable forms via messaging platforms. This feature is useful for sending forms to users without requiring input from them, streamlining communication and data collection processes.

Read more about the usage of Send Form Card here.

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