Create WhatsApp Flows

Discover the latest update on Gallabox! Introducing a new feature for flow creation, making it easier to manage your workflows. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting enhancement.

Upcoming Feature: Flow Creation in Gallabox

Exciting updates ahead! Soon, Gallabox will introduce a new feature allowing users to create and manage flows with ease directly within the platform. Keep an eye out for this enhancement, which is designed to streamline your workflow and simplify the flow management process. More details will be available soon.

Current Flow Creation Process

As of now, you can create and manage your flows using Facebook Manager. While Gallabox doesn't yet support direct flow creation, it seamlessly integrates with Facebook, allowing you to:

This ensures that you have all the necessary tools at your disposal to engage with your audience effectively. We'll notify you as soon as the direct creation feature goes live in Gallabox!

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