WhatsApp API Pricing - Frequently Asked Questions, WhatsApp Message Fees, Add-ons, Subscription plans, etc.

a. Gallabox Onboarding Pricing

b. Conversation-based Pricing

c. Monthly & Annual Subscription Pricing

d. Add-Ons Pricing

What is the difference between Gallabox & WhatsApp API gateway?

Gallabox is built on the WhatsApp APIs and combines the advantages of WhatsApp’s native features along with the nifty features that Gallabox has added - all designed to streamline customer conversations from multiple channels to a single, collaborative shared inbox.

What kind of team is Gallabox's Growth+ plan meant for?

Ideal for small scale businesses to support customers with conversational chatbot flows.

What kind of team is Gallabox's Scale+ plan meant for?

Ideal for businesses that require advanced conversational flow with integrated platforms to engage customers.

Does Gallabox support other communication channels apart from WhatsApp?

Gallabox is a multichannel conversation workspace. With Gallabox, you can connect up your WhatsApp business number, all your customer-facing emails, your website live chat for now. Soon, Gallabox will launch more channels that consumers love to use.

Is Gallabox available on mobile app?

Gallabox is designed both for Mobile and desktop web. It is available in both Android and IOS apps.

Can I integrate Gallabox with my other business software?

Gallabox is built for the new ecosystem and allows for 2-way integration with leading CRM software and other applications, so long as they allow for the integration.

Can I assign multiple agents for a particular messaging medium? Can I impose the necessary restrictions?

You can add an unlimited number of users to the Gallabox platform with our Pro Plan. Using our Role-based and Agent-based options you can set restrictions at any level.

Can I use Gallabox for internal chats?

Our @Mention feature helps the agents to collaborate within the team and resolve customers queries quickly.

What is WhatsApp Template Message?

When a customer does not initiate a message, businesses can only send approved (by Facebook) template messages. These messages could be order update messages, shipping update messages, appointment reminders, etc. All template messages must be pre-approved.

I have an existing WhatsApp business solution number. Can I use that with Gallabox?

Yes, you can. Before onboarding with Gallabox, please delete the account linked to that. Click on this link to know more:

What support can I expect from Gallabox?

One of the core values of the Gallabox team is Customer-first; to grow our customer’s business is our No. 1 priority. Hence, please rest assured of a super eager-to-help Customer Success team that is available for you during working hours, accessible via email, chat and phone.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. You can cancel anytime. The number registered with WhatsApp API is however, non-transferable.
For further assistance with regard to any pricing queries contact: [email protected]