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Create an account in Gallabox

Create your account and explore Gallabox demo.
If you have an existing Gallabox account, you can sign in through
To create a new Gallabox account, go to

Create a Free Account

Fill in all the required info. Enter the required details. (Make sure that you have access to your business Mail inbox)

Verify E-mail and Set Password

Enter the OTP sent to your business email and set your password.

Add Basic Business Details

Enter your business details to create your profile.

Explore 7-day free Trial

You can explore Gallabox in two ways:
-> Exploring Gallabox with demo account.
Note: In the demo account all the messages will be sent only from a test number. To send messages from your number you should activate free trial.
Click on Verify your WhatsApp Number and you will receive a message to your WhatsApp number with activation CTA. Once you click on the Button, your Sandbox Account Free - Trial will be activated for 7 days starting at that moment.
-> Learn more on how to connect to WhatsApp API.
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