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WhatsApp Channel Health

It is essential to make sure your messages are top-notch and not overwhelming. This means maintaining a good quality rating and being mindful of the number of messages you send. Let's break down what this all means for your business.

Quality Ratings

Your quality rating is like a report card for your messages. It's based on how your messages are received by the people you're chatting with. So, if you're sending messages that people don't like and they block you or report you, your rating goes down. To keep it high, make sure your messages are helpful and not annoying.

What Are Messaging Limits?

Messaging limits are like rules that say how many people you can send messages to each day. The idea is not to flood everyone with messages. These limits depend on your tier, and there are five tiers in total.
  • Limited Access: You can chat with up to 50 people every day.
  • Tier 1: You get to talk to 1,000 people each day.
  • Tier 2: Now you can chat with 10,000 people daily.
  • Tier 3: This level lets you connect with 100,000 people every day.
  • Tier 4: No limits here – chat with as many people as you need.

Moving Up the Tiers

As your business grows and sends more messages, you can move up to higher tiers. This happens automatically if you're doing a good job. To upgrade, you need to keep your quality rating high and message twice the number of users allowed at your current tier in a week. Just remember, you can move up at the earliest after 48 hours of reaching your limit every day.

Flagged Status

If your business gets flagged, you can't move up to a higher tier. You'll need to go back to a connected status and then try the upgrade process again.

Best Practices for WhatsApp Business

To keep your messaging in good health:
  • Only send messages to people who want to hear from you.
  • Make your messages personal and useful.
  • Don't send too many messages in one day.
  • Keep your messages clear and not too long.
By following these tips and understanding how the system works, you can make sure your WhatsApp business messaging is in great shape and your customers are happy.
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