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Connect Catalogue to Gallabox

Go to Catalogue Option from the Left Navigation in Gallabox.
  1. 1.
    Step -01
Click on "Connect with Facebook" button.
Connect with Facebook
  1. 2.
    Step -02
A Facebook Pop-up will appear asking you to choose the WhatsApp Business Account you would like to use with Catalogue. Click on next.
Choosing the WABA
  1. 3.
    Step -03
Provide the permission to Gallabox for Managing your Facebook Business Manager.
Permission for managing FBM
  1. 4.
    Step - 04
Provide the permission to Gallabox to Manage your Business, your Account, and your Product Catalogue. Click on Done.
Make sure that you have access to the Facebook Business Manager for the company.
Permission to Manage the catalogue
Your Facebook Catalogue is connected to Gallabox.
Successful Connection
Easy, Right?
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