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Bot FAQs

Our comprehensive FAQs cover all aspects of Bot Management to help you create, deploy, and optimize your chatbots with ease.
What is session TTL?
It is the time your bot will wait for a response before closing the conversation with a user. You can set timeout message and actions when the session is dropped without user's input.
It should only be inputted in minutes.
Define the options for "Action on Invalid Response"
"Action on Invalid Response" phrase refers to action taken when a bot-flow encounters an invalid or unexpected response from a user. Let's define each of the options:
  1. 1.
    End the Flow:
If the system encounters an invalid response, it will terminate or stop the current bot-flow.
  1. 2.
    Skip the Question:
In this case, if the system receives an invalid response to a particular question, it will simply move on to the next question or step in the flow.
  1. 3.
    Proceed to Fallback:
Fallback refers to an alternative or backup plan. If an invalid response is encountered, the system might have a predefined fallback mechanism or a default action to take. This could involve providing a default answer, asking a predefined follow-up question, or taking another predetermined action to keep the interaction or moving forward.
Can I create multiple flows within a Bot?
Yes, any number of flows with the correct intent/ payload can be created within a Bot.
What is 'Intent' ?
Within a chatbot, intent refers to the keyword the customer texts you with when initiating a conversation. Without an intent, the chatbot cannot function. If you'd like your chatbot to start for any and every word use " * " as the intent.
What is Button 'Payload' ?
Payload is the unique ID given to each intent/option button created for the Bot flow. Button payloads are used in scenarios when the option keyword may be repetitive or similar in nature. Types of Payload in Gallabox:
  • Intent Payload to link bot flows.
  • Button Payload to link cards within a flow.
Can I use two different unique bots at the same time?
You can make a broadcast specific bot but you can't deploy two bots together.
Can I duplicate a pre-existing flow to create a new flow?
Yes, you can duplicate a flow and customize the pre-filled cards to create a new flow. This action promotes a faster method of creating a bot with the same conversational flow.
What are the differences between 'ask a question' and 'send a message' cards?
Ask Question Cards wait for some seconds for user response but Send Message Cards don't wait for user's response.
Ask Question Cards can be further linked to multiple cards depending on the options whereas the Send Message Cards can be further linked to one card.
How to create Circular bots in Gallabox?
A circular Bot can be created by ending your bot flow with a 'Send Message' card having button option. The payload of the required button should be the intent of your next flow.
Can I customize the Validation error message in the ask a question card?
Yes, you can customize the Validation error message according to your brand voice.
Can I store user replies?
Yes, you can store user replies in variables for every Ask Card. Gallabox Variables are of two types:
  • Pre-existing data variables - these variables are available for the bot to use through customer contact information or field collection metrics. Eg: {{}}
  • Acquired data variables - these variables can be a response generated by the customer within the bot flow. Please note that these variables can only be used while collecting customer data in a conversational bot flow. Eg: {{}}
Can I add emojis to a card?
Yes, to add an emoji is your card click on the emoji or press ⊞ Win + ' . ' .
Can I format text in a card?
Yes, you can format text to bold , italic, and strikethrough .
Can I integrate my Bot flow with my existing CRM?
Yes, you can integrate your bot flow with your CRM using the 'Connectors' Nodes. At present, we have Zoho, Leadsquared, Sangam, HubSpot connectors. You can also use API Call Connector to Integrate any third - party CRM.
Can I send media files?
Yes, you can send media files. Media files can be of audio, video or image. You can choose between audio, video, image, or document media file.
Can the bot take over from a template message?
Yes, if you are sending a Template Message with Quick Reply Buttons to your users.
What can Gallabox chat-bots be used for in my business?
Gallabox chat-bots are versatile virtual assistants that can handle various tasks, such as answering customer questions, processing orders, and closing deals.
How do I prevent users from dropping off the bot during interactions?
Gallabox offers a helpful feature called "Nudge" to prevent users from dropping off the bot. If a user doesn't respond, enabling the nudge feature proactively engages the customer before they're disconnected from the bot.
Why are session logs valuable for improving bot interactions?
Session logs are comparable to a diary for your bot, helping you understand user behavior and engagement. By analyzing session logs, you can pinpoint where users might be dropping off in the bot flow and assess the number of users who successfully complete interactions.
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