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Welcome to the Gallabox Account Setup Glossary! This glossary is a resource for new and existing Gallabox users who need help understanding the terms and concepts involved in setting up a Gallabox account.
Whether you're just getting started with Gallabox or you're looking to optimize your account settings, this glossary can help you understand the key terms and concepts you'll need to know.
7-day Free Trial
A limited period during which you can use Gallabox for free to evaluate its services.
Account Creation
The process of setting up a new user account with Gallabox to access its services and features.
Customized Message
A personalized message that you can include in the Magic Link to greet or provide information to the customer when they open the chat.
The user interface in Gallabox where you can manage various settings and features, including creating WhatsApp Magic Links.
Data Backup
The process of saving your data, in this case, related to WhatsApp, to ensure it is not lost during the configuration process. This step may be needed before making changes.
Demo Account
A test account that allows users to explore Gallabox's features. Messages in the demo account are sent from a test number.
Destination WABA
The WhatsApp Business Account on Gallabox that you are migrating to.
Facebook Business Manager Account
An account associated with Facebook for managing business-related activities. It is needed for certain steps during the WhatsApp API setup.
Gallabox Demo
An opportunity to explore Gallabox's features and capabilities before committing to a paid account.
Refers to the WhatsApp Business API instance that you're setting up. This may need some time to become operational.
OBA Status
Opted-In to Business Account status. Enabling two-step authentication helps maintain the security of your WhatsApp Business account.
Outstanding Dues
Unpaid fees or amounts that need to be settled before migrating.
Paused Messages
Temporarily stopping all incoming and outgoing messages associated with the phone number during the deletion process.
Product Specialist
A specialist from Gallabox's team who assists with the set-up process including the migration.
QR Code
A type of barcode that stores information and can be scanned using a mobile device's camera. Gallabox generates a QR code along with the link for easy access.
Sandbox Account
A controlled and isolated environment for testing WhatsApp API functionality.
A support request that needs to be submitted for phone number deletion or any any technical issue you are facing.
Your Gallabox Account
Your user account on the Gallabox platform.
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