Connect Wix using Generic Webhook

Enhance your WIX Account with Generic Webhooks! Generate a Webhook URL in Gallabox Dashboard, then configure the automation in your WIX Account for smooth integration.

Understanding Wix

Wix is a cloud-based platform that allows users to create and manage websites through a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. It offers a wide range of customizable templates, apps, and advanced design features for individuals and businesses.

Connect Wix with Gallabox

Connecting Wix with Gallabox enhances your website’s functionality and improves customer interactions through several key benefits:

  • Seamless Integration: This connection ensures real-time data exchange, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

  • Improved Customer Experience: By integrating with Gallabox, your Wix website can offer instant support and engagement options like chatbots or live chat, directly impacting customer satisfaction and potentially increasing conversion rates.

  • Centralized Communication: Manage all customer interactions from a single platform, simplifying monitoring, analysis, and response processes.

  • Data-Driven Insights: Use analytics and reporting tools to understand customer behavior and preferences, enabling more informed decisions regarding website content, services, and marketing strategies.

Linking Wix with Gallabox not only creates a more engaging and responsive environment but also streamlines communication processes. Now, let's move on to something exciting – connecting your WIX Account using Generic Webhooks!

Generating Webhook URL in your Gallabox Account

  1. Go to your Gallabox Dashboard and navigate to Integration on the left pane. Under Integration, you can find Generic Webhook.

  1. Click on it and provide a name to the Integration β€œWix Integration” for example.

  1. Select the Channel you want to use with WIX. The Webhook URL will be there to be used in the further steps.

Adding Webhook URL in your WIX Account

  1. Go to your WIX Account. In the left hand side navigation bar, navigate to Automations. Click on the button New Automation as shown in the below screenshot. A pop-up will appear.

  1. To create an automation, click on Set up for the automation from any of the categories among the 5 available. Let’s go with β€œThank visitors who submit a form” automation for better clarity.

  1. Another Pop-up will show asking you to Edit the automation. We have to select the Action to respond to the trigger, you have to click on Edit and select β€œSend via Webhook” as shown in the below screenshot. In the Target URL, you have to paste the Webhook URL that was generated in Step-01 (Gallabox Webhook URL) and select β€œAll Keys and Values”.

    Click on Activate.

Your Automation is Ready to be configured in the Gallabox!

Testing the Webhook in your Gallabox account

  1. Go back to Gallabox tab to test if the Automation created is working or not. Click on Capture Webhook Response Button as guided in the GIF below.

  1. After clicking on the button in Gallabox, go back to the tab where your website is opened and scroll down to the form. Fill out the form with test details in order to capture the response. Once you click on Submit button in the above form, the response captured will come on your Gallabox account like shown in the GIF below. Click on Update Configuration Button.

Make sure to check if you have selected the Channel before clicking on Update Configuration Button.

If your WIX form doesn't have any field to collect WhatsApp number, then the WhatsApp Message will not be shared with them.

  • If you and customer are from India, make sure the phone number should either be with country code (+91) or without the country code.

  • If your customer is out of India, make sure the country code should be added while asking for the Phone Number.

You have connected your Wix Automation with Gallabox. Let's see how to create a workflow in the Gallabox!

WhatsApp Message Workflow

  1. Click on β€œCreate New Workflow” and enter the Webhook Name.

  1. You can edit the Conditions for the workflow, you have to choose from options ALL and ANY. If you choose ALL then if all the conditions are true then the workflow will work. If you choose ANY then if the one condition is true then also the workflow will work.

  1. If you click on +Add Conditions, you have to add the fields for Comparator, Operator, and the value.

  1. To add the comparator, you have to go back to the Configuration under the Generic Webhook Integration and scroll down and see which field has the data that you want to put conditions on. In the below screenshot has the values for the first name, similarly data.field:comp-ku9urhdy has the values for the Subject and data.field:comp-ku9urhe11 has the values for the messages that customer wants to send across.

The values on the left hand side will depend on the fields that you have added in the form on your website.

  1. In the below screenshot, we have taken the two conditions - data.field:comp-ku9urhdy Is Not Empty and data.field:comp-ku9urhe11 Is Not Empty. It means if the customer has added something in the Subject and Description field then the workflow will run and the customer will get the message via Gallabox.

  1. Click on Pick Template and another pop-up will be there asking you to choose from the templates already created and verified from META. Once you pick the template that you want to share with your customers, you will have to map the variables. The Recipient name and Recipient Number are the details that you want to use to create the contact in Gallabox.

In the message footer, there are two buttons, you have to map the variables for the webpages you want the customer to redirect to.

Please note that the variables will depend on the type of message template you have created.

  1. If you want to trigger a sequence from Gallabox or update the contact details, Click on β€œAction”. Edit the β€œAction Type” as "Update Contact" Tags. Click on the Contact Tag that you have used to trigger a sequence in Gallabox.

For your reference, we have taken the Contact Tag as β€œImp4380” and we have chosen the operation as β€œAdd if Empty”.

Click on β€œCreate Workflow” as a Final Step in the Integration.

  1. After the Integration is successful, you can see who all have received the messages via logs under the Generic Webhook Integration.

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