Connect Zoho Desk Using Generic Webhook

Enhance your support portal with Gallabox's Generic Webhook Integration. Keep customers informed with custom notifications for ticket actions. Get started today!

When a customer raises a ticket on your support portal, there is no confirmation to them that you received their ticket. Generic Webhook Integration in Gallabox help desk lets you send custom notifications for all these actions and more. Here is how you can do it:

Generating Webhook URL in your Gallabox Account

  1. From your Gallabox Dashboard navigate to Integration on the left navigation. Under Available Integration, you can find Generic Webhook. Click on Connect.

  1. Provide a name to the Integration “Zoho Desk Integration” for example.

  1. Select the Channel you want to use with Zoho Desk. A Webhook URL will be there to be used in the further steps.

Adding Webhook URL in your Zoho Desk Account

Only agents with Webhooks permission in their profile can create webhooks.

  1. On the Webhooks List page, click Add your First Webhook or New Webhook.

On the New Webhook page, do the following:

  • Enter the webhook's name in the Name field.

  • Enter the Webhook URL generated in the Gallabox in the URL to notify field.

  • Add a description for the webhook (optional).

  • Under Choose Event, select the , event and the department details.

  1. Click Test Run to validate the Webhook URL and click on save.

Testing the Webhook in your Gallabox account

  1. Go back to Gallabox tab to test the workflow created. Click on Capture Webhook Response Button.

  1. To create a test ticket in Zoho Desk, click on Quick Action and select Ticket. Add the Contact Name, Subject, and status for the Ticket and click on submit.

  1. Once you Submit the ticket, the response captured will come on your Gallabox account as shown in the GIF below. Click on Update Configuration Button to be redirected to Workflows.

WhatsApp Message Workflow - Ticket Creation Notification

  1. Click on “Create New Workflow” and enter the Webhook Name. We will take the name as "Create Ticket Notification".

  1. To add the Conditions for the workflow, choose ALL. Three fields will be visible - Comparator, Operator, and the value.

  1. To add the comparator, go back to the Configuration under the Generic Webhook Integration and scroll down to see which Label has the data for the MODULE-EVENT of the workflow created in Zoho Desk. The MODULE-EVENT Ticket_Add is captured under the Label [0].eventType.

  1. Add the values for Comparator, Operator, and values as [0].eventType, Equal, and Ticket_Add respectively.

  1. Click on Pick Template and map the variables. To map the variables, go back to the Configuration under the Generic Webhook Integration and scroll down to see which Label has the data for the variables you defined in the Message Template.

Remove the square brackets around 0 in the variables. For example, when you choose the Label for Recipient Name you choose {{body.[0]}} from the dropdown. After removing the square brackets, it would be {{}}.

After removing the square brackets, the variables would look as per the picture below:

  1. If you want to update the Marketing opt-in for the contact details, Click on “Action”. Edit the “Action Type” as "Update Contact Marketing Opt-in" Tags.

  1. Click on “Create Workflow” as a Final Step in the Integration.

  1. After the Integration is successful, you can see who all have received the messages via logs under the Generic Webhook Integration. Learn more about Zoho Webhooks.

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