User and Roles

Take control of user management on Gallabox. Invite, assign roles, and control access levels for your team members. Clearly distinguish between active and inactive users with the ability to mark them.

You can invite users to your Gallabox account, assign them roles such as Admin, Owner, or Member, and control their access levels. To maintain a clear distinction between active and inactive users, Gallabox provides the ability for Owners and Admins to mark any user as active or inactive.


You can invite users to your Gallabox account, assign them roles such as Admin or Owner or Member, and control their access levels.

To add new user:

  1. Click on the +Add user button on the top right of the screen. A sidebar will open up.

  1. To add a team member to Gallabox, provide their name and email address.

  1. To add the role for a user, let's understand the roles available in Gallabox.

Here's what each role means:

-> Member: A Member is a regular user with standard access. A member can only view unassigned chats assigned to the user.

-> Admin: An Admin has elevated privileges, allowing them to manage various aspects of Gallabox, such as conversations (unassigned, mine, mentioned, open, pinned, and resolved.), and settings.

-> Owner: The Owner holds the highest authority in Gallabox. They have complete control over the workspace and can make critical decisions (like creating owners, admins, and members), including billing and workspace settings.

-> Member - PII Masked: Similar to a regular Member, but with added privacy measures. PII is masked to enhance security.

-> Owner - PII Masked: Similar to the Owner role but with PII masked to protect sensitive information. This role still retains overall control and management.

The "PII Masked" roles are designed to handle sensitive data more securely while still allowing necessary access and control within Gallabox.

  1. Select the preferred channel you would like to add the user in.

  1. Click on Invite to send the notification to the user. The user will receive an email from to accept the invitation.

  1. To update the role of the member, follow the below GIF.

Online/Offline Status

Owners and Admins, if they have access to the users and roles page, will have a way to see if any users/agents are online or offline. Inactive users will be marked with a cross on their profile picture. Owners and Admins can also mark users as offline or online based on their status.


After sending a notification to the user, you can monitor the individuals you've invited by accessing the "Invites" section. This section provides information about when the invitations were sent, the current status of those invitations, and their expiration dates, allowing you to keep track of the entire process.

You can resend the invite or delete the invite. Follow the GIF below.

Deleted Users

Deleted users are those who were previously part of your Gallabox team but have been removed or deleted from the platform. This section keeps a record of these former users.

To delete the user:

If you accidentally delete any user, you can restore it. Follow the GIF below:


Teams in Gallabox represent groups or categories of users within your organization. You can create different teams for your customer support, sales, and marketing departments. Each team can have its own specific roles and permissions tailored to its function, allowing for a more organized and effective workflow.

To add a Team:

  1. Click on +Create Team in the top right side of the window. A pop-up will open asking you to name the Team. Once named, click on Create.

  1. To add the users in the team, follow the below GIF.

  1. Go to Users section and click on ellipsis (...) as shown in the GIF below:

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