Send Commerce Catalogues on WhatsApp: A Step by Step Guide
Gallabox has made the WhatsApp Catalogue API offering into a user-friendly feature that your business can employ to increase revenues. Our WhatsApp catalogue feature will not only help you sell easily but also promote your commerce offerings efficiently to consumers.

What are Collections and Lists in a Catalogue?

The catalogue feature can be used to send your products, collections or a list of collections on WhatsApp. You may ask what is a list? Or how many products can I add to a collection? So let's break it down for you:
1) Collection - A collection can have up to 30 products.
2) List - A list can have a maximum of 10 collections.

How can you Use the Catalogue Feature for Commerce?

Now that we have understood what a list and a collection is, let us see how businesses can send their catalogue as messages to customers. There are 2 different methods in Gallabox with which you can send a catalogue as a message on WhatsApp:
1) Gallabox’s Shared Inbox - During the 24-hour session window while conversing with a customer, agents can send products listed in the catalogue as a message by clicking on the cart icon ‘🛒’ situated at the bottom of the chat window.
2) Catalogue Specific Chatbot Flow - With Gallabox’s easy to build no-code chatbot your business can create catalogue specific conversational flows to send a list of collections, a particular collection requested by the customer or even single products based on their filtered preferences, the options are endless.

How to Connect FB Catalogue to Gallabox?