Connect Catalogue to Gallabox

Step 1: Add Compliance Information in Gallabox▶

To be able to send Catalogue Messages to customers, WhatsApp’s policy requires your business to provide necessary business compliance information. This will appear in your WhatsApp Business Profile and will be visible to your customers. The compliance information is important as it provides credibility for customers interacting with your business. ‍
To submit your compliance information click on the 'Add Info' button in Step 1 of the connect catalogue page. You will be redirected to your WhatsApp channel - Compliance Info page in Gallabox.
  • Provide the Legal Name of your Business and your Business Type in the Personal Details.
  • Under the Customer Care Details, provide the customer care email, landline and mobile number for customer care.
  • Similarly, in Grievance Officer Details, provide the name of the Grievance Officer along with the officer's email and contact numbers.
‍Please note: Filling all these fields is mandatory. Once you have filled them all, click on Apply to save the details.

Step 2: Create your Catalogue with Mandatory Fields ▶

To send WhatsApp catalogues to customers, you will first need to create and upload your catalogue on your Facebook Commerce Manager. Uploading your catalogue details can be via Google Sheets, Shopify or any E-Store platform. If you are unable to create your catalogue click on ‘Ref Guide’ on Step 2 of the connect catalogue page to view the steps required.
  • First, you will have to create your FB Catalogue on your Business Manager. Under ‘Data Source’ situated on the left-hand side tab click> Catalogues. Select the ‘Add’ button> click on ‘Create a new catalogue’> name your catalogue, select the type and click on ‘Create Catalogue’. Set your permissions and access rules based on the users added to your business manager.
How to create a catalogue on FB Business Manager

Upload Catalogue via Google Sheets

The most important point to note while creating your catalogue is that, if you are using a +91 number as your WhatsApp API number, you MUST add these details: Country of Origin, Importer/Manufacturer name and address for each product in your catalogue.
  • If you’re struggling to create your catalogue you can download our Sample Google Sheet which is in accordance with Facebook's criteria for +91 numbers. Simply click on ‘Make a copy’ to proceed. Once you have finished inputting all the mandatory and required product fields, you can proceed to upload your sheet to your FB Commerce Manager.
Filling catalogue with mandatory fields and information on Google Sheets
  • In your commerce manager click on ‘Catalogue’ situated in the left-hand side tab> click on ‘Data source’. Since you have already created your google sheet of products click on ‘Data Feed’> click on ‘Next’.
Uploading the Google Sheet on FB Commerce Manager
  • Select ‘Google Sheets’ as your preferred upload option> click ‘Next’ as you have already created your Sheet to upload> Copy and paste your sheets’ URL. Ensure the sharing settings on your file have been changed to ‘anyone with link can view’. Select your update schedule, this option is so that as and when products are added to your sheet, they will automatically be uploaded to your FB catalogue.
Complete catalogue upload
  • Finally, complete the settings by naming your upload and selecting your business’s currency type to be displayed. While your products are being uploaded to the FB catalogue please ensure that there are 0 errors. If there are errors the catalogue will not be sent as a message. Warnings may arise due to image quality, resolution or size but this will not affect the catalogue being sent. To know more about errors and warnings reflected please do download the report to resolve the issues faced.

Step 3: Set up FB Catalogue & Collection Lists▶

Now that you have created your Facebook catalogue, you can set up your collections. A List of collections makes it easy for customers to browse through your available offerings based on their preferences.
  • Go to your Facebook Commerce Manager> Under your catalogue dropdown click on ‘Sets’ (otherwise known as Collections) > click on ‘Create Set’ on the top right. Here you can create sets by defining filters or by manually selecting items. If you choose to add filters, you can apply filters on any product attributes given in your product details sheet. Make sure to give a 'Set Name' that correlates to the products selected for customers to better understand.
Creating a Collection on FB Commerce Manager
The best part of creating Collections with filters is that whenever a new product gets added to your catalogue and its attribute fulfils the filter conditions, the product will automatically be added to the collection.

Step 4: Connect FB Catalogue to WhatsApp ▶

You have now created your catalogue and collections, the next step is one of the most crucial steps - connecting the catalogue to your WhatsApp Business Account. Failing to do this will result in your catalogue not being sent as a message on WhatsApp.
  • Go to WhatsApp Accounts in your FB Business Settings > choose your WhatsApp account> click on Settings and then click on ‘WhatsApp Manager’.
  • On the left hand side panel select Catalogue i.e., the cart icon> and choose the catalogue you want to connect to your WhatsApp Business Account.
Connecting your catalogue to WhatsApp

Step 5: Connect Catalogue to Gallabox ▶

The last and final step in this process is that of granting access to Gallabox as your Catalogue Partner. This can either be done manually, by first granting access and further entering your Catalogue ID on your Gallabox Catalogue Connect page or automatically through your FB Business Manager Settings.
Connect Manually
  • After connecting your catalogue to WhatsApp, you need to add Gallabox as a partner. To give us access, go to 'Business Settings' in your FB Business Manager. Click on 'Catalogues' in the left hand panel> click on 'Data Sources'> select the catalogue and click on 'Assign Partners'. Choose to assign a partner by 'Business ID'> copy & paste Gallabox’s business manager ID shown in the Connect Catalogue page> now provide permission to Gallabox to manage catalogue & then click on Next.
Connecting catalogue to Gallabox
  • Now that you have granted access, enter your catalogue ID in the Gallabox Connect Catalogue page. Your catalogue ID will be mentioned below your catalogue name in your Commerce Manager. Enter the ID and click on ‘Submit’.

Your Catalogue is now Connected Successfully!