Connect your Contact Form 7 using Generic Webhook

Connect your Contact Form 7 to your Gallabox Account using Generic Webhook. Streamline data transfer and enhance your workflow. Try it now!

Understanding Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is a simple form builder for WordPress that makes it easy to setup and manage forms on your WordPress site.

This plugin lets you:

  • Collect feedback or questions from visitors

  • Gather emails for newsletters

  • Receive submissions directly via your website

Once set up, Contact Form 7 automatically handles these forms, ensuring you receive visitor information seamlessly, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your site or business.

Connect Contact Form 7 with Gallabox

Contact Form 7 integration with Gallabox can bring numerous advantages to your customer communication, including:

  • Automated Responses: Send immediate automated responses to form submissions.

  • Lead Management: Easily categorize and manage leads generated through Contact Form 7 submissions within Gallabox.

  • Automated Follow-ups: Set up a sequence of messages for new submissions to convert them as your paid customers.

  • AI Shopping Assistant: Trigger a Bot (which will act a a shopping assistant) on customer's response to provide them a customized shopping experience.

  • Collaboration and Analysis: Collaborate with your team more effectively on form submission data and utilize Gallabox's analytics features for insights.

Connecting Contact Form 7 with Gallabox not only simplifies the management of form submissions but also enhances the overall functionality and efficiency of your customer engagement strategies.

Install Plugins - Contact Form 7 & CF7 to Webhooks

To install Contact Form 7, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard

  2. Select Plugins > Add New

  3. Search for Contact Form 7

  4. Install and Activate the plugin

  1. Once installed, you can see the “Contact” menu on your dashboard.

To Install CF7 to Webhook Plugin, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard

  2. Select Plugins > Add New

  3. Search for CF7 to Webhook

  4. Install and Activate the plugin

  1. Once the plugin is installed, you will be able to see Webhook option under the Contact Forms.

Getting Started with the Integration

  1. To start the process of integration of Contact Form 7, go to your Gallabox Account. From the left navigation select Integrations.

  1. Select "Generic Webhooks" from the Available Integrations. Click on "Connect". Enter the Webhook Name and click on Submit.

  1. A Webhook URL will be generated. Select the desired Channel (WhatsApp Number) you would like to send the WhatsApp Messages from.

  1. Copy the Webhook URL and open your WordPress account in the next browser. From the left navigation select Contact Form under Contacts.

  1. Select the desired Contact Form you would like to connect with Gallabox. Click Edit. When the form opens for editing, click on Webhooks.

  1. To activate Webhook, check the box for Integrate and paste the Webhook URL copied from your Gallabox dashboard in the space provided. Click on Save.

Testing the Integrated Webhook

Once you have added the webhook URL, it is recommended to test if the Webhook is working or not. Gallabox has this provision to test the Webhook. To do so:

  1. Go back to the Generic Webhook Configuration page in Gallabox. Click on the button "Capture Webhook".

  1. Go to your website where the Contact Form 7 is placed. Fill up the form and submit the form.

  1. Go back again to Gallabox tab and you will see the response captured. This shows that the Webhook is working fine. Click on Update Configuration to start creating Workflows to send WhatsApp Messages.

Workflows for Contact Form 7

Once you have updated the configuration, you will be redirected to the Workflows.

  1. Click on Create New Workflow. Provide the workflow name. Also provide conditions (if any).

  1. Choose the desired WhatsApp Template. Map the variables to make the WhatsApp Message personalized.

  1. Choose the Action if you would like to add a tag to enroll the contacts in a Sequence or you would like to update the Marketing Opt - in for the contacts. Click on Create Workflow.

  1. After you are done creating the workflow, test it again. Go to your Website where the Contact Form 7 is displayed. Fill up the form. This time you will receive a WhatsApp Message and you can see in the logs if the WhatsApp message has been sent.

Now you have successfully connected your Contact Form 7 to your messaging system using a generic Webhook, enabling automated WhatsApp notifications upon form submissions.

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