Automate WhatsApp Messages from Google Forms with Pabbly Connect

Send WhatsApp messages directly from new Google Form entries, saving you time and keeping your audience engaged.

If you use Google Sheets to manage your data and want to make it work smoothly with Gallabox through Pabbly Connect, you're in for a real treat.

This connection simplifies the process of gathering data from your forms and sending it to Gallabox, making your work easier and your communication more effective. It's all about streamlining your tasks so you can engage with your audience.

Using step-by-step approach, we'll show you how you can achieve this.

Workflow creation in Pabbly Connect

To create a new workflow, click the β€˜Create Workflow’ button in Pabbly Connect. Name your workflow and click on 'Create'.

Choose Your First Application : Trigger (Google Forms)

In the App, search for Google Forms and select. For the Trigger event select New response Received. A Webhook URL will be generated and you have to follow the steps as listed below it.

Configuring Google Form Trigger

Go to the Google Form on which you want to take submission and make the last question as required for the trigger.

Navigate to the "Response Tab" and click on the "Create Spreadsheet" icon to generate a new sheet for storing form responses.

Installing Pabbly Connect Webhooks for Google Forms

Install the "Pabbly Connect Webhooks" add-on from the "G-Suite App Marketplace.

Setting Up Pabbly Connect Webhooks

Under the "Pabbly Connect Webhooks" dropdown under "Extensions," select "Initial setup." Copy the provided webhook URL and paste it into the "Webhook URL" field, and specify the trigger column name (the last required column in the Google Form).

Webhook Configuration for Google Forms

Now move to the "Pabbly Connect Webhook" from the Google sheet menu under the "Extensions" tab and choose the event when it should send data.

Verifying Webhook Setup for Google Forms

Click on "Capture Webhook Response" and submit a test form to ensure the new response is captured correctly.

If you are facing an errors related to google sheet click here.

Choose the Next Application : Action (Gallabox)

Our objective is to send WhatsApp messages after every response received on the Google Form. Hence, we will be using β€˜Gallabox’ as the Action App, select β€˜Send WhatsApp Template Message’ as the Action Event, and click on β€˜Connect’.

Connecting Gallabox to Pabbly Account

To connect your Gallabox account with your Pabbly account click on Connect and a pop-up will be there to ask you for your Gallabox Account Id and API Key & Secret.

Obtaining Gallabox Account ID, API Key & Secret

To get your Account Id, API Key & Secret go to the below links to know in detail.

pageAPI Key and Secret

Selecting Channel ID, Template, and Bot ID

  • Select the Template you would like to share with the submitters.

  • To get the Channel Id, click on Settings, then WhatsApp Channel, and copy paste the Channel Id.

  • To capture the Name, Phone, and Contact Name of the submitter who submitted the feedback form, insert the data from the Google form itself.

Click on 'Save and Send Test message' to verify the workflow. Click on Save to save the data.

You are now all set for efficient, automated communication.

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