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Official Business Account on WhatsApp

WhatsApp's Official Business Account (OBA) is a prestigious recognition for brands and entities, indicating their authenticity and well-known presence. Here's what you need to know about OBAs, how to attain one, and what it means for your business:

1. Recognizing an Official Business Account

  • The Official Business Account receives a green checkmark badge on its profile.
  • In the chat list, chat screens, and contacts view, the business name is displayed instead of the phone number, even if the user hasn't added the business to their address book.
  • This checkmark signifies WhatsApp's verification that an authentic, reputable brand owns the account.

2. Obtaining Official Business Account Status

  • OBA status is not purchasable. It is conferred to select businesses by WhatsApp based on specific criteria.
  • The decision to grant OBA status hinges on factors like notability. WhatsApp seeks well-known and frequently searched brands or entities.
  • Notability, in this context, doesn't reflect the business's authenticity but its significant online presence, particularly in news articles from publications with substantial audiences. Paid or promotional content is not considered for review.
  • Official business accounts are associated with specific phone numbers and display names. If the display name is changed after obtaining OBA status, the account must go through the approval process once more.
  • OBA approval for a WhatsApp Business Account does not extend to other numbers associated with that account, particularly if those numbers have different display names. In such cases, it's advisable to update display names.

3. Denied Requests and Ongoing Growth

  • If your OBA request is denied, it indicates that WhatsApp's Meta team has reviewed your account and determined it's not eligible for OBA status at that time.
  • While awaiting OBA status, businesses can enhance their online presence and reapply after a 90-day waiting period.
  • Despite OBA status, businesses have access to a business profile associated with each phone number. This profile includes details like a profile picture, email, website, and business description, all of which are editable.

4. Requirements for OBA Application

To apply for an Official Business Account, you must meet the following criteria:
  • 2-factor verification enabled on Gallabox.
  • A valid Meta Business ID with a Verified Business Manager.
  • Adherence to WhatsApp's policies, especially its Commerce Policy.
  • Reach Quality Tier 2, denoting a high-quality business account.
  • Has a substantial presence in online news articles.
  • If your company fulfills these requirements, you can submit your application for an Official Business Account.
Please note that WhatsApp's API Support Team conducts the review process, which may take up to 15 days. Successful applications result in an automatic upgrade to OBA status, requiring no further action. However, WhatsApp does not guarantee OBA status for all applicants.
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