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Efficient User Assignment in Gallabox

Elevate your team's productivity with Gallabox's "Assign To" feature, streamlining task management and collaboration.
To add a user, follow the below GIF.
Make sure before adding a user here, you invited your teammates to your Gallabox Account.

Streamlining Conversations with Gallabox Assignment Rules

Gallabox's Assignment Rules are your secret sauce for streamlined operations. Explore the power of these rules to supercharge your customer interactions and transform your support game.
Here's how you can assign new conversations using the following rules:

1. Override the below rule and assign the conversation to contact owner.

By selecting this rule, you override any other predefined assignment rules and assign the conversation to the contact's owner. This ensures that the conversation is directed to the individual responsible for that specific contact.

2. Override the below rule and reassign the conversation to the same user who previously handled the conversation.

This rule allows you to override existing assignment rules and reassign the conversation to the same user who previously handled it. This is useful when continuity in communication with the same user is essential, maintaining a seamless customer experience.
If a conversation has been assigned to a particular agent and the chat has been resolved, in that case a new conversation arises from the same number, this configuration will auto reassign to the agent.

3. Assign New Conversation to Assignee or Bot.

Gallabox provides the flexibility to assign new conversations to a specific assignee or a bot. This is a versatile option, particularly in situations where a conversation requires specialized handling or can be managed more efficiently by a specific team member or bot.
With these Assignment Rules, Gallabox empowers you to make informed decisions on conversation allocation, ensuring that every chat is directed to the right individual or automated entity, streamlining your customer support and engagement processes.
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