Generic Webhook

1. What is a Generic Webhook?

Generic webhooks are an invaluable tool that allows seamless communication between different systems and applications. It acts as a bridge, enabling the exchange of data in real-time.
For instance, if you're using Gallabox as your WhatsApp API provider, generic webhooks enable your Gallabox account to interact with other systems and services. It allows you to extend the capabilities of your WhatsApp integration and unlock two possibilities for automation and customization.

2. What can be achieved using Generic Webhook in Gallabox?

Generic webhooks empower you to accomplish two powerful use cases in Gallabox:

2.1 Sending a customized template messages

With generic webhooks, you can send customized template messages to your WhatsApp contacts. This opens up a world of personalization and targeted communication.
For example, imagine you run an e-commerce store and want to send order confirmation messages to your customers. By utilizing a generic webhook, you can dynamically generate and send personalized messages that include specific order details, delivery dates, and other relevant information. This level of customization enhances the customer experience and helps you build stronger relationships with your audience.

2.2 Triggering a sequence in Gallabox

Gallabox provides the capability to create WhatsApp Drip Marketing. With generic webhooks, you can trigger the sequence of messages you want to send to your customers.
For instance, let's say you have created a sequencing of messages on Gallabox that will target the cases for abandoned carts. By utilizing a webhook, you can create a workflow that will allow you to send automated follow-up messages in a span of a month converting a customer.
Click on Sequence for more info.

2.3 Updating the Contacts Details in Gallabox

With generic webhooks, you can update the contact email, contact Name, contact phone, and Marketing Opt-in on your Gallabox account.